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Redemption Submission Information
How do I submit a redemption for my recent MICHELIN® tire purchase?
There are two ways to submit a redemption. For fastest service, submit your redemption online after purchasing four new MICHELIN® brand passenger or light truck tires. For regular service, complete and mail in the redemption form given to you from a participating dealer. During the promotional timeframe, eligible dealers will be displayed with a $70 icon on A valid receipt showing the purchase of four new MICHELIN® brand passenger or light truck tires within the offer period is required to process your reward.
How long do I have to redeem my reward?
To receive your $70 MasterCard® Reward Card, purchase four new MICHELIN® brand passenger or light truck tires from a participating dealer within the promotional timeframe. Promotion dates change throughout the year so please visit to learn more. If you’ve already purchased the tires you must submit your redemption within 30 days after the promotion ended in order to take advantage of the offer.
How can I check the status of my reward for a redemption I previously submitted?
You can view the status of your $70 Reward Card request here at the Michelin Fulfillment Center. Log in if you’ve previously submitted a redemption online. If you mailed in your redemption form, simply give us a little information about yourself and we’ll provide the status of your $70 Reward Card request.
I mailed my redemption form to the address on the form. When will I receive my Reward Card?
If you redeemed through the mail, please allow six to eight weeks to receive your reward. You can view the current status of your Reward Card request on the Michelin Fulfillment Center.
I submitted my redemption online. When will I receive my Reward Card?
If you redeemed online, please allow four to six weeks to receive your reward. You can view the current status of your Reward Card request on the Michelin Fulfillment Center.
I forgot to submit my redemption and now the redemption period is over. If I submit late, will I be able to get my Reward Card?
We apologize, but late redemptions will not be honored. Please visit Michelin Promotions page to learn more about future offers.
I am having trouble locating my dealer when I submit my redemption online. Can you help?
Contact the support team by calling 1-866-212-9619 Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. ET and a representative will help you locate your dealer.
I received a Michelin Soccer Program certificate from my soccer league. Can I qualify for a rebate?
Yes, the certificate includes a rebate valid for purchase of four new MICHELIN® , BFGoodrich® , or Uniroyal® brand passenger or light truck tires. Consumers can qualify for $70 MasterCard Reward Card for Michelin purchases, $50 MasterCard Reward Card for BFGoodrich purchases, and $50 MasterCard Reward Card for Uniroyal purchases.
I am having trouble locating my soccer league when redeeming for the Michelin Soccer Program? Can you help?
Yes, all leagues should be available when redeeming online. In the event your league does not display, please contact-1-866-212-9619 and a customer service representative will assist you.
How can I learn more about the Michelin Soccer Program?
Visit or contact the soccer hotline at 1-877-894-3314 for program details.
I misplaced my Michelin Soccer certificate provided by my league. How do I receive a new certificate?
Contact your Michelin Soccer league for a new certificate or visit and type in your league code.
Reward Card Information
How do I use my Michelin MasterCard® Reward Card for making purchases?
You can use your Reward Card when making a purchase from any merchant that accepts MasterCard. The total dollar amount of your purchases will automatically be deducted from the value of the card. When making purchases at retail locations, tell the merchant to process your purchase as a “credit transaction”. Although your Reward Card may say ‘debit’ on it, it must be processed as a credit transaction at the point-of-sale. You cannot use the Reward Card as a “debit card.”
Will this card affect my credit rating?
No, this is a Reward Card that requires processing as a credit card for transactional purposes. This will in no way affect your credit rating.
Is my Reward Card a Credit Card or a Debit Card?
Neither. It is a MasterCard Reward Card. The card is only processed as a credit card and will not affect your credit. Your MasterCard is preloaded with funds in the amount of your reward. You can use up to the balance on the Reward Card. Remember to keep track of your balance or go online to check your balance at
How do I activate my Reward Card?
Your MasterCard Reward Card must be activated before use. To activate your MasterCard Reward Card, go online, or call 1.866.614.5817 and follow the instructions on the automated customer service system. You will be required to enter your MasterCard Reward Card number and your PIN, which is the last 4 digits of your phone number provided during redemption.
What if I want to buy something that costs more than the value of my MasterCard Reward Card?
When using your Reward Card to make a purchase that is greater than the amount on the card, tell the cashier you would like to pay the difference first and then use the card to pay the remaining balance. (For example, if your total purchase is $75, you will need to pay $5 first, and then pay the remaining $70 with your MasterCard Reward Card.)
Does my Reward Card expire?
Yes. Please check the front of the MasterCard Reward Card for the “valid thru” date. It expires the last day of the month shown. Once expired, all transactions will be declined.
Do any fees apply to the card?
Yes. Please see the card fee schedule and Cardholder Agreement for details mailed to you with your MasterCard Reward Card.
Can I use my MasterCard Reward Card at a restaurant?
Yes. When you use your MasterCard Reward Cards at some locations (i.e., restaurants, spas, and salons) please keep in mind that the proprietor might secure an authorization/approval on your MasterCard Reward Card for an amount up to 20 percent more than the total bill. This is done to take into account a tip/gratuity. The MasterCard Reward Card transaction may be declined if the amount of purchase plus the amount of gratuity is more than the balance of the MasterCard Reward Card. Only the amount that you authorize will be deducted from the value of the MasterCard Reward Card.
Can I use my MasterCard Reward Card to buy gas?
Yes. However, you will have to go inside to pre-pay with your MasterCard Reward Card. The MasterCard Reward Card may not be used to “pay-at-the-pump”.
Can I use my card at an ATM?
No. Your MasterCard Reward Card will not work at ATMs.
Why are my purchase transactions being declined? Is my card working properly?
Some transactions are declined because the purchase transaction is greater than the value on the MasterCard Reward Card. The merchant does not know your MasterCard Reward Card’s balance. You may also want to make sure that you have activated the MasterCard Reward Card and that it has not expired. Finally, you may be attempting to use your card in a manner that is prohibited by your Cardholder Agreement. Please refer to the cardholder agreement for more details on restrictions on use.
How do I know how much money is on the MasterCard Reward Card?
You may check your balance and transactions online or by calling the automated customer service number at 1.866.614.5817 available 24/7. You will need your MasterCard Reward Card account number and PIN (the last four digits of the phone number given during redemption). You cannot check your balance at a merchant’s checkout, nor do store receipts print your available balance. Be sure you have available funds prior to making your purchase.
Will I be signing up for something if I use the card?
No! The MasterCard Reward Card was sent to you as a reward for purchasing qualifying Michelin tires.
How do I replace a lost card?
Contact 1.866.614.5817 Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. ET and a representative will help you replace your Reward Card.
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